Firm Profile

MGGP Chartered Accounting is a full-service public accounting firm, offering services in Canada, the USA and Jamaica.


We assist primarily owner-managed businesses, not-for-profit organizations, individuals and estates by providing accounting and advisory, taxation and other financial services.


Our personal approach, combined with a full range of services, allows MGGP Chartered Accounting to meet all your business and personal accounting needs.

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Michael Pinnock has been practicing public accounting for more than thirty-five years. He started his career in Jamaica, working for some of the country’s largest and well-managed private sector and quasi-governmental organization, including: Kaiser Bauxite Company, Colgate-Palmolive, CMP Metals, Jamaica Public Service, Jamaica Private Power, and Cifuentes y Cia.

In 2002, he migrated to Canada where he provided accounting and management advisory services to both US and Canadian private and public companies. He also worked extensively with not-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Mr. Pinnock is the holder of the following academic, professional and other credentials:



  • MBA; Master in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA
  • BSc; Bachelor of Science in Professional Management from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA
  • Non-degree academic credits from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Canadian Taxation) whilst preparing for the Chartered Accountant exam in Ontario
  • Non-degree academic credits from Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA (8 specialized accounting programs towards the MSc in accounting) to qualify for and sit the Uniformed Certified Public Accounting exam in the USA
  • Employer sponsored and in-house training in Industrial Engineering offered by the Work Study Practitioner of England & Wales



  • Chartered Professional Accountant (formerly Chartered Accountant), Canada
  • Certified Public Accountant, USA
  • Fellow Chartered Accountant, Jamaica
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant, USA & UK
  • Industrial Engineer, International



  • Financial Controller, working in both public and private companies
  • Manager, line manager in accounting department
  • Chief accounting, responsible for all the day-to-day office and bookkeeping activities
  • Budgeting, costing and standard costing development
  • Industrial Engineering work, both at staff and managerial levels